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Top 10 Best Business Schools in Nigeria

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Business Schools in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian or foreigner in Nigeria, looking for the BEST BUSINESS SCHOOL to administer and get your MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) IN NIGERIA?

Have you thought of traveling abroad to register in a business school? are you planning to register in a business school online?

Why not look up for one of these MOST POPULAR BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN NIGERIA which have made names for themselves through the production of great businessmen and women running and managing top businesses in Nigeria and abroad.

It is worth knowing that business school is necessary for business minded personalities who want to go into business management.

According to studies, I have discovered that many universities in nigeria that offers business courses usually don’t go deep into the courses. They may base on the basis and the likes, indicating the need to administer in a TOP QUALITY BUSINESS SCHOOL IN NIGERIA.

It is also worth knowing that the TOP BEST BUSINESS SCHOOLS in this article are accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). They offer in-depth courses on business management and trainings that students can attend to acquire their Masters Business Management (MBA) here in Nigeria.

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Also, the best things cost the most; including the best business schools in Nigeria. If you cannot afford to miss it, don’t fail to pay for it. The price is worth the pride.



 1. Lagos Business School (LBS)

Lagos business school is a private business school owned by Pan-Atlantic University foundation. LBS offers academic programmes, executive programmes and short courses.

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LBS is recognised by several accreditations and rankings.

 2. African Business School (ABS)

ABS is one of the top quality business school in Nigeria where you can acquire your MBA.

ABS is also affiliated with international universities in UK, US and other top countries.

ABS is located at Gwarimpa area of Abuja.

 3. Executive Business School (EBS)

EBS is a government approved business school which is located at Oba Ikinjobi way GRA Ikeja Lagos State.

4. Delta Business School (DBS)

DBS is located at Warri in Delta State. DBS is also one of the best Business schools in Nigeria.

5. Fate Foundation (FF)

Fate Foundation is among the popular Nigerian business schools which provides training for students. Fate foundation is based in Lagos.

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6. West Africa Business School

West Africa Business School is one of the best Business School in Africa which has branches in Ghana and in Lagos, Nigeria.

7. Integrated Business School (IBS)

IBS is a business school located in Kaduna state. IBS is accredited by NUC and the likes.

8. University of Lagos Business School

University of Lagos Business School is also among the best Business schools in Nigeria which is managed by the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

9. Bowell Business School

Bowell Business School is also an accredited business school which has branches in Lagos and Ondo State.

10. Unicaribbean Business School

Unicaribbean Business School is located in Lagos State Nigeria.


This is my little opinion on this which I believe will help you.

This post is strictly for information and educational purposes and you’re soley responsible for what you use this information for.

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