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I Hate My Job! What Should I Do?

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I Hate My Job What Should I Do

You had a break from your work and you’re just few days to resuming and you made this statement “I Hate My Job”.

Let’s assume you made the statement due to the fact that you need rest or you can’t stand waking up every morning for work, or you still need time to enjoy yourself then that may be termed as a casual statement.

But, if you made this statement because of the low pay, because it can’t cover your daily expenses or because you can’t cope anymore then you need a solution.

Well, you’re not alone.
According to a pool conducted by GALLUP it shows that 85% of workers hate their job. Woo that’s a high percent of people stuck in the same mess that you are in.

How you scale through this situation and what you do next is very necessary to consider.

In this article we’ll be giving you a step by step guide on how to conquer this situation.

Please stay tuned!

Primary Reasons Why People Say I Hate My Job

Currently there’s a world record of over 200 million unemployed people on earth. With this rate of unemployment it should be a thing of surprise that some person’s hate their job.

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Well, in our next paragraph you’ll get to know some tangible reasons why people hate their jobs.

1. Job Insecurity

This is one of the major issues why people hate their job. In a situation where your job is not 100% secured or assured this means the company can just sack 100 workers in one day and give a reason.

Working on this kind of module is what many people cannot stand, they may only work there because they haven’t gotten a better job but deep down the job isn’t their kind of thing due to the fact that they can be sacked anytime.

2. No Room For Growth

Nobody wants to do one particular job which doesn’t promotes or advance for 10 years.

For instance imagine doing a babysitter job for 5 years or more without advancing. You will get to discover that the longer you do such jobs without any growth the gradual you will start hating the job and looking for other better opportunities.

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A research by McKinsey says 40% of workers are leaving their job because they sense an apparent lack of career growth.

3. Unhappy With The Pay

This is among the primary reason and also the most common reason why people hate their jobs.

Imagine working with a firm that pays you less than your monthly expenses. Which means your salary isn’t able to cover up your expenses. Waking up every morning to go for work knowing fully well that the job is supposed to be a side hustle and not your main job since it can’t cover your total monthly expenses is a bit of task .

This is the top most reason why many hate their job.

Steps To Take When You Hate Your Job


1. Access The Problem

Reason and get to know what the problem really is with your job and why you hate it. This will help in making future adjustments and decisions in case another better opportunity comes to avoid being in the same mess again.

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2. Research and Plan

After accessing the problem the next step is to find a solution to the problem. The solution might not necessarily be quitting the job but they’re other steps which can be taking to solve the problem.

This may involve asking for a promotion, doing a transfer to a bigger branch of your work or asking for a time schedule. In some cases where you probably ain’t doing your carrier job or there’s no growth or advancement then quitting may be an option.


3. Make A Move

Making a move is the last step for getting out of the mess your job gives to you.

But we strictly advise you shouldn’t be at haste to quit your job to avoid been stranded in the future.

So plan very well and make sure you see another opportunity before quitting.

But in some other occasions where quitting is not necessary we advise you make a move and speak to your manager or send a letter across.

Thanks for Reading!

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