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How to solve Facebook limited originality of content LOC violation

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How to solve Facebook limited originality of content LOC violation

Here in this article, you will learn what Facebook limited originality of content also known as LOC means and most importantly how to get it fixed on your page.

Moreover,  if this seems like what you love to know then, do well to follow through the article to gain further insight on how to go about Facebook’s limited originality of content on your Facebook page.

What is Facebook’s limited originality of content?

Do you want to know what Facebook Limited originality of content means? Well,  here is a chance for you to know what it means in this article.

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Facebook limited originally of content which is also known as LOC, is a policy violation that is usually notice from a page when a page is sharing and using content that is unoriginal and sometimes plagiarized attempts to monetize (earn money) the page, but in some cases though,  a page may not be involved in that practice but still gets the notice.

Read more to understand as well as solve limited originality of content issues, this article will be of great importance to you as we put together a lot of information to help you.

Why did my page receive limited originality of content?

You want to know why your page receives limited originality of content.     Now, here is the reason.

Any Facebook page that shares content that they did not primarily create will usually receive that policy violation notice and will suffer from the policy.

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The major reason for this is that Facebook (Meta) is currently using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect unoriginal content from original ones in order to keep the social media platform safe for users.

As soon as you upload a video, Facebook AI will look for content that looks similar to yours. When it finds content that matches your own, it will mark it as unoriginal and it will receive low distribution.

Hence,  it is very important to upload original contents that are published by your page to prevent the Facebook limited originality of content on your page.

Steps to fix limited originality of content on Facebook page

  • First and foremost, do well to delete all the pictures you must have published at least in the past 7days from the very day you received the violation policy notification.
  •   The next thing to do is to delete all of the videos that you must have uploaded at least in the last seven days from the very day you received the warning about the policy infringement on your Facebook page.
  • Then go  to your creator studio and then click monetization, do well to select the affected page and click view criteria.
  • Select see policy
  • Go on to request for review also bear in mind that this may take you between 2-3 days.
  • So, you will have to wait for those days.  If the process was rejected, keep trying again until it gets fixed.

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