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Best Upwork Alternative

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Upwork is a good freelancing platform for freelancers who are looking to take up online freelancing jobs but there are several other advisable freelancing websites like Upwork where anyone who is a freelancer can search for online freelancing jobs, get clients, perform tasks, and get paid for skill offered.

Hence, we will be looking at some of the advisable alternative freelancing platforms like Upwork that you can try out as a freelancer.

  What Is Upwork?

Upwork is a popular American freelancing platform formed in 2013 with its headquarters located in San Francisco, California, USA.

The public company was formerly known before now to be Elance-oDesk and then it was changed to what we presently know as Upwork with its services available worldwide.

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How Does Upwork Work?

Before we explain how Upwork works let’s first talk about Freelancing. The term is used to describe people who work online from the comfort of their homes and get paid for their skills.

Such people work on freelancing platforms like Upwork and some others which are going to be mentioned afterward.

Upwork is a platform where clients give certain official online jobs to interested freelancers with the deadline and amount to be paid after work is delivered.

Freelancers go on Upwork to search for online jobs which are known as gigs and once they complete them they get paid by the clients.

Though there are some other freelancing platforms that you can try out as a freelancer and start getting paid by doing online jobs for clients and that is what we are going to be talking about next.

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What Are The Alternative Freelancing Platforms To Upwork?

There are other great freelancing platforms like Upwork that you can try out and they are listed below.


Fiverr is a good alternative freelancing platform where freelancers apply to get online jobs and get paid by clients after the job is completed.

The Israeli platform seems to be one of the largest freelancing platforms in the world.


Freelancer is also a good alternative to Upwork as it provides freelancers with gigs ranging from graphic designing to video editing to content writing to whiteboard animation.

Freelancers can work online for clients and get paid on the platform.


The platform Truelancer is one of the best freelancing platforms for newbies, intermediates, and experts.

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Anyone can get online jobs by applying for contracts whenever there is a need to do so and get paid after job completion.

People Per Hour

The last but not the least platform alternative to Upwork on our list is called People Per Hour.

This platform is by far one of the best platforms for freelancers to look for jobs and get paid for their skills.

Its services are available worldwide so there are no limitations on who can apply for jobs on the platform which is what makes it one of the best freelancing platforms to search for online freelancing jobs.


Upwork is a very good freelancing platform and as well the biggest but there are other better platforms you can try out and start making money for yourself as a freelancer.

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