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7 Signs Your Coworker Is Threatened By You

12 Signs Your Coworker Is Threatened By You

No matter how nice you are or how nice you act to people especially your coworkers, they’re still a few of your coworkers who probably feel threatened by you.

You probably will be wondering why they feel that way or what you did that made them feel that way.

Worry no more as you’ll get to know details facts about it in this article.

The Signs Your Coworker Is Threatened By You


1. Cross Arms When You Talk To Them

When your coworker exhibit the habit of crossing their arms while you talk to them. It simply means the don’t want to be part of the conversation or what you’re saying is annoying to them.

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This is one of the signs that your coworker feels threatened by you.

2. Spread Rumors About You

If your coworker feel threatened by you it shouldn’t be surprising if they spread rumors about you. When they start exhibiting a habit of spreading rumors such as “I hate My boss” or “he’s about to collect bribe from that client”.

Such rumors is a sign of bitterness your coworker has towards you and they do this to hurt you.

3. Change In Facial Expression When You Are Around

It is normal to feel bad sometimes which may lead to change in facial expressions but, if you’re coworker repeatedly change in facial expressions whenever you are around or behave rude towards you. Then you should know he or she feels threatened by you.

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4. Avoid You

When you’re coworker repeatedly try to doge or avoid you at work place, not because you gave them a work they failed to do. But they exhibit this habit repeatedly, it’s another sign to know that they feel threatened by you.

5. Don’t Do Eye Contact

When you’re coworker is fund of looking elsewhere whenever you talk to them. Even when you didn’t call to warn or query them it’s another sign that they feel threatened by you.

6. Constantly Disagree

When your coworker exhibit the habit of constantly disagreeing to the opinions or ideas you share or always have contrary view towards things you share to the team. It shows they aren’t in good terms with you and it’s a sign of bitterness.

7. Only Impersonal Conversations With You

If you’re coworker doesn’t feel threatened by you then they should at least be able to share or conversate things which are not within the job frame to you.

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Not necessarily about their private life but maybe cost of things, what happened along the way or discuss random things. This shows they ain’t threatened by you and they are in good terms with you.

What To Do If You Confirm Your Coworker Is Threatened By You

It’s normal for some new workers to exhibit most of this characters but if you’re sure and have confirmed that your coworker feels threatened about you then you should find a way to solve the issue.

Firstly try to know when they started feeling threatened by you and check what you did which made them feel threatened.

Secondly try to avoid doing what you did that made them feel threatened and avoid anything that will bring issues.

Thirdly watch the coworker and see if he or she will exhibit changes.

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