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3 Best Instant Loan Apps In Nigeria

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instant loan app in Nigeria

Are you looking for a reliable loan App to get instant loan to fund or invest in your Small Scale business?

Are you searching for an app in Nigeria that can give you instant loan within minutes to pay your bills?

Then this Article is for you!

Welcome to this blog, today we will be updating you on the 3 BEST INSTANT LOAN APPS IN NIGERIA.

Please stay tuned!

 Best Instant Loan Apps In Nigeria

   1. Carbon Loan App

Carbon Loan is one of the best instant loan services in Nigeria that gives instant loans of up to 1Million Naira without collateral, guarantors or paperwork.

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Carbon Loan app also offer 100% cashbacks for loans paid within 7-30days which means you can repay without interest.

How to Apply for instant loan in carbon Loan app:

  • Download carbon app on play store or appstore.
  • Open the app and create an account using your personal details.
  • Apply for your choice of Loan and wait for your loan to be paid.

   2. Fair Money app

Fair money is another mobile banking app that offers instant loans ranging from N 1,500 to N 1,000,000 for a period of 2years.

The better your lending history, the higher the loan you can receive and the longer the period.

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The interest rate on fair money varies, ranging from 2.5% to 30% per month.

Fair money also offers discount if you repay your loan early.

Requirements for Fair Money Instant Loan 

  • You need to upload your bvn during the loan application.
  • You need to connect your Atm card and authorize Fair Money to debit your account for repayment.

   3. Branch Loan App

Branch is another top mobile banking app in Nigeria that offers instant loans from about N 2,000 to N 500,000.

If you repay your outstanding loan then your borrow limit will increase.

Requirements for Branch Instant Loan

  • Your phone number or Facebook account.
  • Band Verification Number (BVN) and bank account number.
  • Access to data on your phone is also needed.
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