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Launching An Online Presence For Your Local Business

On this article we will be discussing on the following how and what you are losing focusing your business locally without thinking globally ,Getting your business online opportunities,presence,success and reason why you should launch a page,Websites,App for your business.

Think Global

Diving into the Digital Garage and explore how you can make the most of online opportunities. This introductory article will give you a brief overview of what you can learn throughout and highlight some of the benefits of building or polishing digital skills

Doing business online brings lots of fantastic opportunities – it can really help your company in new and exciting ways.

Once your business is online, what opportunities can you take advantage of?

Business owner in the centre and surrounded by his global network.

Doing business online brings lots of fantastic opportunities.

Below are the opportunities getting your business online

Doing business online offers all of these great benefits

Being online lets you reach out to new customers and build better relationships with customers you already have.

You can sell locally or globally (or both), and use state-of-the-art analytics to find out what your customers really want and need.

Your first steps in online success

Taking your business online offers a lot of opportunities, but with so many options, it’s easy to spin your wheels and lose focus. Setting specific goals can help as you begin to navigate the digital world.

Maria Essien is a successful hair dresser. She’s decided to grow his business by opening another salon. But unfortunately she doesn’t have an online presence yet, but thinks this might help.

Business goals that can help maria achieve her online business plan

Being online could help Maria attract customers to his new salon, gather customer feedback and let everyone know about his extended opening hours.

Having an online presence wouldn’t necessarily help with buying a new range of products.

Choosing/Building Your Online Presence:

Getting business online opportunities
Getting business online

There’s more than one place for people to find you online. In this lesson we’ll explore just how important being online is these days, as well as some common ways to do it including:

  • websites
  • local business listings and review sites
  • social media
  • mobile apps.

I Nweke Nnamdi as a Food Scientist runs a local bakery. After getting the business up and running over the last six months, now am ready to create a digital presence for my local bakery business

What do you think I should set up first: Social media profile or a mobile app?

A social media profile is a quick, simple and cheap way for me to establish an online presence. This should be the first step i took to help my customers engage with me and my business.

After i have established the social media profile i can then look at longer-term investments such as building a mobile app which could help customers find out more information and place orders.

The Plans/Benefits Of An Online Strategy

An online business strategy can boost your chances of digital success, helping you to define clear goals and focus your online activity. In this lesson, we’ll explore:

  • how an online business can benefit from a business strategy
  • best practices when creating a business strategy
  • examples of common goals and popular strategies to achieve them.

Sam has recently decided to launch an online fitness coaching service. He has registered a domain name and set up a website, but is unsure of how to launch his business online in a way that will help him grow sustainably.

Lets help Sam create his own online business strategy, by following the below step by step guide

Sam needs to define the purpose of his company and its selling points before he can develop marketing strategies, launch his website, hire staff, or contact customers.

Sam will find it easier to put together his online strategy once he’s figured out the company’s goals, written a mission statement and identified the company’s USP.

Once his strategy is in place, he can launch his website, develop a targeted digital marketing campaign, and establish a client base.

Wrap up

Video Credit: Google

So you want to know more about online business strategy, or perhaps improve your current strategy?

In this video lesson, we’ll explore virtually how creating an online business strategy can have a positive impact, what a good strategy looks like, and common things you can implement to achieve your business goals.

An online business strategy helps get all the ideas out of your head and into a usable format. This can help define objectives to work towards, and increase your clarity and focus.

Imagine you’ve set a new fitness goal to become more flexible. Now, going for a 10 mile run may be great for your cardio, but it won’t help you achieve that bendy yoga position you’ve got your eye on.

In order to do that, you’ll base your workout around key areas that will help you achieve your goal, in this case becoming more flexible. Running may be a part of it, but stretching is more likely to help you succeed.

Likewise, identifying actions tailored to your goals will provide you with a better understanding of how to meet your business needs.

So where do you start?

The first step is to clearly define your goals. Perhaps you’d like to increase sales by 20%, or identify 100 potential customers? Setting goals will provide you with direction and a clear path to follow.

Next up is articulating what your business stands for. This can be represented by a simple sentence, generally referred to as a mission statement. For example, this might be “to inspire healthier communities” or “to provide fun spaces for everyday fitness”.

You also need to identify your Unique Selling Point (or USP) – this is what makes you stand out from your competition online. Find out what makes you different by looking at businesses doing similar things, and work out what sets you apart. For example, if customer service is what sets you apart from your competition, this is your Unique Selling Point.

Understanding what you want to achieve can help you make the right decisions at the right time. Here are some typical goals and the strategies that can be used to address them:

Increase sales: If your goal is to improve online sales, driving more traffic to your website can help.

There are many many ways to achieve this, from paid advertising to content marketing.

Next up: Increase awareness of the business or brand

Social media is a popular way to increase brand awareness to both new and existing customers. It provides a platform to express your values, personality, and engage with your audience.

Finally: Grow your email marketing list
To encourage customers to sign up to email marketing, try clearly communicating what your audience can expect to receive, whether it’s exclusive content or member-only updates.

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